This project started as a painting. A painting that was the result of a conversation I had with my son. My goal in that conversation was to help him understand that happiness and coolness come from within, and materialistic things don’t ultimately make a person happy. This painting received more “likes” and positive comments than some of my previous artworks. It struck a chord with people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds. Why?

Some people naturally have a positive outlook on life. They were just born with a happy disposition. Others have to put in some work to be happy. But we’re all human. We all want the same thing for ourselves, our children, our family, & friends; to be happy inside.

My intention is to use this artwork in a variety of ways as a friendly, fun reminder that YOU are in control of your own happiness. Through paintings, artist in residence programs in schools & corporations, collaborations, and murals, I want to spread this message and empower people of all ages. The Happy Inside Project is a lesson for children and a reminder to adults.


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